The Music and Fandubs of Mousa The 14

Jun 15

A parody of The Axis of Awesome’s Four Chord song, compiled from two versions of it and making everything Pony.

This one’s for harmony
With all of you and me
We can set the morning free
Our Joy, Honor, and Heart, what sets us apart
Our magic can make us all one
To Bring back the day
To bring back the day

(Don’t Stop Friendshipping)
Just a high class mare
Studying without a care
She went to ponyville to make some friends

(You’re Beautiful)
My life not brilliant
I fell off clouds
Butterflies caught me
I love the ground

(Where is the love)
Ponies yelling, ponies lying
So much greed and all the fighting
How can all this be the end
What has happened to my friends?

(Forever Young)
A Blank Flank
I’ll always be a blank flank

(I’m Yours)
I can’t keep these tickets any more
Take them princess, They’re yours

(Hey, Soul Sister)
Your lipstick stain
I will never wash this cheek again
You’re my only one, Rarity

(Right here waiting)
Wherever you go
Whatever you do
Just know Trixie is better than you

(Happy Ending)
I don’t want to be tardy
No friendship report
I have to make a problem
A last resort

Cause I am a dragon
I need to know dragon things

(If I could)
A story, Of glory
Will tell us how to get our marks

(Can you feel the love tonight)
And will they get married this day

(At your feet)
When I see myself
From next teusday
I let my fears

(I got you)
Nobody wants to see us together My schmoopy sweetie sweetheart Cheerilee

(Country Roads)
Friendship express
Take me west
To Appleloosa

You’re our greatest model
Y Ou cannot run or fly

(With or Without you)
I want a pet
Just like my friends

(Pictures of you)
Spinning a ring
Lion Taming
It’s the cutie pox
What it does to me

(And She will be loved)
She’ll be popular
She’ll be popular

(Not Pretty Enough)
Is this dress gaudy enough
do I have enough jewels

(Let it be)
When I find myself in times of trouble
Celestia rescue me

(Under The Bridge)
Sometimes I feel like you don’t wanna party

(The horses)
And that’s the way it’s gonna be RD(Come on Rainbow Dash)
You’re not the only hero in Ponyville

(No woman no cry)
No Zebra No cry

(Sex and candy)
Yeah Twilight, I’m growing out of greed

(Down Under)
We come from a pack down under

(Waltzing Matilda)
Once a Gloomy Pinkie watched a rainboom

(The Theme for America’s Funniest Home videos)
After the long walk
My destiny I gawk
My destiny, my destiny is a rock

They say that Rarity’s a good mare, always so conflicted, selfless, greedy, it’s so hard to choose

(2 Become 1)
We need your love with a hunger with can’t ignore
So I’m gonna steal your husband

(Take on me) and (When I come around)
Appplejack (The Last roundup)
Please come back (The Last roundup)
We don’t want you to go

(Save Tonight) and (Africa)
Applejack (It’s gonna take a lot to make me lose to you)
Wants to win the race fair and square(There’s nothing an Earth Pony like you can ever do)
And honorable mare

(If I were a boy) and (These Hazel eyes) If I were a colt (Here am, once again, I’m trapped as a statue)
I’d be just like snips and snails(Can’t deny it, can’t pretend, this time I thought I’d win)

(In my Head) In my head
I rescue Rarity in my head
I stop you diamond dogs in my head

(Bullet with Butterfly wings)
Despite all I do
I am still just a mare in the moon

(What if God was One of Us)
Celestia’s one of us

Pinkie, Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated
The parasprites are eating everything

Rarity can use me
'Cause I'm a dragon with no self-esteem

(You’ll Go Far Kid)
With a thousand eyes
All on Fluttershy
How is she supposed to fly
How is she supposed to fly

My mustache
My poor mustache

Too much to applebuck
Too much

(Love the way you lie)
Just going to stand there, turn me to stone
My stare is stronger so leave us alone

(It’s my life)
You pick now, It’s her or them
Gilda or your pony friends

() I’m just here for your entertainment
Don’t you wanna go prank with me tonight

(Poker Face) and (Barbie girl)
Go leave now, Go leave now
You big bad mean dragon, you
(But the Rainbow pony kicked me)

(You found me)
Lost in Everfree
Harmony, Harmony

(Don’t trust me)
They change your faces, no joke
They change your sizes, no joke
You better watch for the poison joke

Owl by Twilight’s side
That place should be mine

(Double Rainbow)
Sonic Rainboom all the way across the sky

Just laugh at them
Giggle at the ghosties
They’re only scary trees
Just so funny

(Canvas Bags)
Take your Granny Smith
Take your Granny Smith
Take you Granny Smith to school tomorrow
Take your Granny Smith

Nothing’s fine I’m torn
I just can’t decide
to be with my friends
and celebrate with them
twilight’s brirthday
on the other hoof
Fancy Pants is here
a chance for me to go up and
(Time to Say Good bye)
Zecora is not a witch
Yeye ni tu pandamilia

(Auld lang sayne)
Should all buffalo be forgot
Or do we attack with pie

(Superman) and (Bird-plane)
I can’t stand to fly
I’m not that naive
I’m just out to find
The better part of me
I’m more than a mage
Or a protege
I am Twilight
I’m Twilight
Twilight Sparkle

Here we are together, Laughter and honesty
Magic flows in union, with generosity
With loyalty and kindness, there’s nothing we cannot do
So we’ll be friends forever, I know what friendship means
The magic of our harmony

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